Sleepwonders for Professionals

Sleep magic for nannies, doulas, and newborn care specialists.

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Learn the secrets of Sleep Conditioning, no-cry sleep shaping, and supporting the goals of all parenting styles.


Access to a private Facebook group where students can collaborate and ask questions in a live monthly coaching call.

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Certification in the Sleepwonders Method will be available in 2022. More information about requirements is coming soon.

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Add tremendous value for the clients or employers who hire you. Increase your hourly rate with a new skill set which parents and agencies find extremely desirable.

Expand your understanding of sleep.

Learn about biologically normal sleep, sleep conditioning (no-tears approach to extending sleep), popular behavioral methods, and how to decide which one may or may not be appropriate for your charges. Our evidence-based curriculum provides students with the science behind helping babies sleep better.

Be a sleep maker.

Sign up now and learn how to help families get the sleep they need, while growing your career. Sleepwonders is EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about sleep!


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