Integrative Sleep Courses 
for Professionals & Parents

Available Online & On Demand

For Parents

Parents who want to learn more about sleep from conception to toddlerhood can use this online education course to help prevent or solve their children's sleep problems from a holistic perspective.

For Professionals

Professionals such as nannies, newborn care specialists, and doulas who want to learn more about sleep from conception to toddlerhood can access this course to discover how to solve or prevent sleep problems for the babies and children they care for, from a holistic perspective.

For Consultants

For those interested in a career in holistic sleep consulting, our newly updated course with addition material and added value is a great place to start growing or perfecting your consulting practice.

Check Out Our Live Courses!

Due to COVID-19, all in-person classes have been moved to live-streaming for the foreseeable future. Sleepwonders Live will return in 2021. We hope to see you there!

Online Courses

We offer three integrative sleep courses to meet the diverse needs of anyone caring for young children. Because sleep is the bedrock of health and wellness, our courses were designed to teach the science AND the practical tips for improving sleep within every parenting style.

Business Coaching

For those who are starting a sleep coaching or other personal service business, we also offer business coaching through our sister site, Prosperatree.


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