Everything you ever wanted to know about sleep.

With a focus on integrative and responsive care, Sleepwonders was designed by Cortney Gibson to teach parents and professionals why babies sleep the way they do, how to support their natural rhythms, and how to use the Foundations to extend sleep for everyone in a safe and loving way. 

Sleepwonders is filled with science and evidence-based information, but also plenty of content derived from Cortney’s 20+ years of experience in the newborn care and sleep field, as well as her perspective as a mother. 


Meet Cortney.

Cortney Gibson is a master-level newborn care specialist, sleep consultant, and educator for parents and caregivers. She holds an advanced certificate in newborn care from the Alexandria School and has studied Greenproofing, Maternity and Child Sleep, and Infant Mental Health through various institutions. She also holds a certification in Health Coaching from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is training to be lactation counselor.

Cortney has been working with families since 1997. In 2004, she founded Gibson Newborn Services, a company dedicated to supporting families with new babies. During her career, Cortney has specialized in the care of preemies and multiples, as well as gentle sleep consulting, parent coaching, and educational services. 

Cortney has spent over 90,000 hours nurturing babies and caring for young children all over the country. She has also been featured on the Today Show, Fox News, and in many newspaper articles for her work with babies.

In 2020, Cortney gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Having Sawyer greatly changed her perspective on sleep coaching, which led to a bigger emphasis on responsive care in the course. When she’s not chasing after Sawyer, you’ll find Cortney working with new parents and caregivers through her agency, Gibson Newborn Services and of course, teaching and mentoring her students. 


Rave Reviews.

Read what Cortney's clients and students have to say about her as an NCS, Sleep Consultant, and educator.


"The First 14 Weeks is an excellent course for anyone who works with newborns and infants. It highlights the natural development of newborns and provides key information that builds a well-rounded foundation of knowledge, not just about normal newborn/infant sleep, but other factors such as brain development, gut health, and nutrition. The course also includes valuable tips and tricks for supporting families. Cortney's teaching style is straightfoward and conversational. The presentations are never robotic or overly scripted, and she doesn't just read slides that have been overfilled with text. Her content is engaging and scientific without being jargon-heavy. The module length is perfectly suited to take breaks in between as needed. The Q&As are a great addition as those students who were included in the recording asked general and specific questions that I would consider to be FAQs. I consider this course to be an excellent introduction to holistic newborn care and highly recommend it to new and veteran caregivers alike!"


"As a Newborn Care Specialist who exclusively works with newborns and infants, I found the Sleepwonders Integrative Sleep Program very helpful in understanding the science behind sleep and how it mentally, physically and emotionally affects our lifestyle. The training is immersed in evidence-based research, Cortney's own experiences in working with newborns as well as information on how to prepare the newborn for optimal health. Cortney is extremely educated on all things newborns and infants and it's apparent in her teaching methods and trainings. Whether you are a parent or caregiver of young children, this program will answer all of your questions regarding the science of sleep. I look forward to enrolling in additional offerings from Sleepwonders."


"The knowledge that Cortney carries and shares with those of us that are lucky enough to get some of her time or take this training, is so valuable. As a Postpartum Doula and a Newborn Care Specialist Agency Owner, this course has improved my business base. We are able to help families look at baby and child sleep from a more holistic angle. This is the class to have if you are looking to work in this field!"

Industry Feedback:

"The biology and developmental stages of sleep in babies, and that I am not weird when I don't feel comfortable doing what other NCSs are doing - this allowed me to be confident in what I do!!"

"Great reminders about brain development and needs of our human nature."

"I enjoyed the course tremendously, especially the biological and anthropological aspect of the sleep. It was such a relief to KNOW what I have been practicing isn't weird."

"Cortney is a wealth of knowledge and deeply researched. I love learning with her."

"I'm always blown away by the level of information I get from Cortney's workshops. She's the best in the business!"


"I took the Sleepwonders Pro course expecting to learn the basics of infant sleep and maybe get some good tips for supporting my clients as an NCS. I couldn't believe how jam-packed full of information this course is! There's so much science - I felt like I was back in college. One of the things I hadn't learned before taking Sleepwonders, is the connection between sleep and so many other systems in the body. This was a key thing for me. Cortney's system of using the foundations to support healthy sleep has become an important part of my practice and how I work with families now. I highly recommend this course for anyone who works with babies and families!"

Melissa - Dallas, TX

"After an unplanned C-section, I found myself struggling to care for my new baby at night when we came home from the hospital. My recovery was slower than I had hoped and I was starting to feel desperate for sleep by week three. Knowing how hard it was to book overnight care in my area last minute, I called around with my fingers crossed. Not only did Cortney reassure me, but she also made sure I had the help I needed. And she was the only service I spoke to who actually knew firsthand what I was going through. Booking overnight care with someone so knowledgeable in newborn sleep and breastfeeding was invaluable. Best money I've ever spent!"

Ashley - Dallas, TX

"Cortney did an amazing job with our baby, William. Thanks to her, William is sleeping soundly through the night from 8pm to 8am, and is still exclusively nursing. He started sleeping through the night around 6 weeks and has continued to do so (many months later). We owe it all to Cortney and are grateful for all the tips and tricks she taught us. Keeping him in a routine from the beginning helped lay a foundation in our household that we have been continuing since she left."

Kelly - Indianapolis, IN

"We followed her recommendations and worked out a schedule that worked for both my husband and me, and our babies began sleeping blissfully through the night at 6 weeks! I truly believe Cortney gave us the tools we needed to really enjoy our girls, and genuinely enjoy these first few months that can be so trying on parents. THANK YOU CORTNEY!!!!"

Nelie - Atlanta, GA

"I can confidently, and thankfully, praise the Sleepwonders Method. At first, my husband and I had to bring our twin boys home, alone. For two weeks we were simply surviving. On average, I managed two hours of sleep a night. I had the boys sleeping in vibrating chairs, swings, a Pack-n-Play, and their crib. Anything I could find that would allow them to settle down was a blessing. Yes, I used the hospital tips of swaddling, rocking, and pacifying. We even felt prepared due to the two newborn classes we had taken at the hospital prior to delivering. However, nothing prepared me for this. I felt lost and overwhelmed. Cortney entered our lives on week three. She showed me a few sleep tricks, and within two hours had my boys sleeping safely in their own cribs! At that moment I knew she has a true gift, and I was blessed to have her."

Candace - Dallas, TX

"I don't think we would have survived the first 8 weeks without GNS, especially in the middle of a pandemic. Highly recommend!"

Dee - Houston, TX

"This has been one of the best customer service experiences I ever had. When I think of women supporting women I think of Cortney. I called her up beside myself because I was stuck: my son wasn’t sleeping through the night at four months and I was slammed with work. Finding a quality night nurse last minute is like mission impossible. Not only was Cortney so emotionally supportive but she assured me she had my back and she sure did - she found me incredible options in a few short hours. I recommend her highly. What a kind and competent woman. Thank you!"

Sam - Dallas, TX

"No one tells you how truly hard the newborn stage is. Yeah, I knew I wouldn't get a full night of sleep for awhile, but I definitely wasn't prepared to operate on only a handful of fifteen minute naps every day. Adjusting to life with a newborn was hard enough, but throw in breastfeeding challenges and I felt like I was drowning. When a neighbor recommended Cortney Gibson, I jumped at the chance to get some expert help. Simply put, Cortney saved our nursing journey and my sanity. She taught me how to extend my daughter's sleep while protecting my milk supply and her tips on day to day routines (for baby and me) really maximized my rest and allowed me to feel less overwhelmed. I also appreciated the fact that she listened to my preferences and gave me a plan that fit our lifestyle. If you are having a baby, you need to call Cortney!"

Stacey - Indianapolis, IN

"The sleep consultation was the best money we've ever spent. Cortney is truly an expert in the baby field. The techniques she showed us weren't rocket science, but more "Ah-ha!" moments that just made sense once she explained why they work. I wish I would have met her two years earlier when my first was born! My 14 week old is sleeping 10 hours a night--something my first child didn't do until she was 13 months old. I have already recommended Cortney to several friends and if need be, I would hire Cortney in a heartbeat."

Stephanie - Carmel, IN

"We hired Cortney for a consultation for our newborn who would not get on a schedule and would not sleep at night or for naps. She was a LIFESAVER! She had us on a schedule when she left us after 3 hours and we have been on the schedule ever since, our baby is 4 months old now. She was sleeping through the night at 9 weeks and I wish we would have known Cortney when our first child was born. Cortney gives you easy practical steps to follow and gives you a lot of ideas since EVERY child is so different. She is well worth every penny spent for a happy baby and happy mommy so I could get back to work!"

Laura - Carmel, IN

"Five Stars! If I could, I would give Gibson Newborn Services 5 Thousand Stars! My 10-month-old son was having severe sleep disturbances, waking as many as 12 times each night and I was a walking zombie. Thank goodness a friend told me about Cortney, she came and saved the day! She was very knowledgeable, caring and gentle. Now my little boy sleeps through the night and has regular naps and I am a better mom because I am no longer exhausted all the time. Hiring Cortney was the best thing I could have done for our son and I recommend her without reservation to anyone who needs help with their little one!"

Courtney - Indianapolis, IN

"I was soooo desperate to get my 15 month old to sleep for more than 3 hours at a time. Cortney was recommended to me by a friend. My husband was hesitant, but because I heard so many great things about her, he said, ok let's give her a shot. After meeting with Cortney and becoming sleep-trained (importance of a sleep schedule), my daughter has been happier, healthier and actually sleeps through the night! My husband is extremely satisfied with Cortney's services. If you're unsure about hiring her, do it! You won't regret it."