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We're excited to share this new Sleepwonders course! The First 14 Weeks is an intensive mini-course that was presented in a LIVE STREAMING event December 3, 2022 and will be available online and on-demand starting in January 2023.


The first 100 people to register will get this amazing Pre-Sale price. Attend the LIVE Zoom event December 3rd AND get access to the course online in January 2023.



If you miss the pre-sale, be sure to register by October 31st to get the Early Bird price - $50 off! You'll get a seat at the LIVE Zoom event in December AND access to the online course.



Starting November 1st, the Standard Price for this full-day course will be $247. You'll get a seat at any future live presentations AND access to the online version for 2023.


"No one tells you how truly hard the newborn stage is. Yeah, I knew I wouldn't get a full night of sleep for awhile, but I definitely wasn't prepared to operate on only a handful of fifteen minute naps every day. Adjusting to life with a newborn was hard enough, but throw in breastfeeding challenges and I felt like I was drowning. When a neighbor recommended Cortney Gibson, I jumped at the chance to get some expert help. Simply put, Cortney saved our nursing journey and my sanity. She taught me how to extend my daughter's sleep while protecting my milk supply and her tips on day to day routines (for baby and me) really maximized my rest and allowed me to feel less overwhelmed. I also appreciated the fact that she listened to my preferences and gave me a plan that fit our lifestyle. If you are having a baby, you need to call Cortney!"

Sam - Dallas, TX
New mama who took the class privately.

Are YOU ready to discover the secrets of newborn sleep?

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Comprehensive sleep education

For those who want to learn about infant sleep from birth to 14 weeks of age (adjusted age for premature babies). This intensive mini course offers 6 online modules, packed full of information and solutions that support babies and their weary parents. 

Go beyond the basics

The course is presented from a holistic perspective with an emphasis on responsive care and biological norms, as well as strategies and tools that can be used during this time to ease fussiness and extend sleep without crying it out or holding off a hungry baby. Both parents and professionals will benefit from understanding the science of sleep and the critical role responsive care plays in the newborn care. 

Have questions?

None! Sleep training is not taught in this course. Instead, attendees will learn about supporting healthy sleep for 0-14 week old babies using responsive care. We will discuss sleep hygiene and sleep conditioning, as well as other strategies for helping exhausted new parents.

This is a gentle method rooted in sleep hygiene that follows the baby's natural rhythms and development. For parents who want their babies to sleep longer or need less soothing at night, sleep conditioning offers an option that NEVER includes cry it out, withholding feedings, or ignoring baby's needs. Instead, we can support the gradual journey to "sleeping through the night" by following the Sleepwonders Foundations and acknowledging every baby’s differing needs and pace of learning to fall asleep independently.

The First 14 Weeks includes six modules.

  1. Sleep Science - architecture of sleep and cycles by age, how sleep happens from a biochemical perspective, where and how hormones are made, circadian rhythm, what is normal at each stage.
  2. Three Pillars - these three topics must be thoroughly considered when assessing an infant’s sleep habits, so let’s learn more about them: Brain development, gut health, and nursing (or not).
  3. Responsive Care - the cornerstone of caring for newborns is also critically important when addressing sleep, whether supporting, extending, or shaping the infant’s sleep habits. We will also discuss the different ways families sleep around the world, safe sleep, and how to support families who choose to room-share or bed-share with their babies.
  4. Foundations - the Sleepwonders Foundations are the five key areas to optimize and consider before making changes to a child’s sleep routine.
  5. Strategies - tools you can use in your work and families can use in their daily lives to help reach their sleep goals. We will also discuss possible solutions to common concerns and perceived problems.
  6. Supporting Families - we will review the core concepts and discuss how to implement them into your work with families. We will also cover what NOT to do and what should be taken into consideration every time you care for a newborn.

Anyone who cares for babies between birth and 14 weeks adjusted age will benefit from the information provided in The First 14 Weeks. The course is ideal for Newborn Care Specialists, Postpartum Doulas, Nannies, Health Practitioners, Parents, and Grandparents. Although the lessons are in-depth, they have been designed to be easy to understand for a variety of learning styles and levels.

Many students have asked if the live event will be recorded, as they may not be able to attend that day. The answer is yes! About a month after the live event, the recording will be accessible online, at your own pace for as long as the program exists (you have a minimum of one year to complete the course). If you missed the live event registration, don't worry. You can purchase the online course and access it in January 2023.

Sleepwonders for Professionals is our comprehensive signature sleep education program for those who work with children from birth to three years of age. This is a much longer course and covers significantly more information. Check out the Pro Course here!

Want to learn how to get more sleep AND meet all your baby's needs? This course is for you!

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