A collection of evidence-based courses and workshops devoted to holistic pediatric sleep and the foundations of infant care.

Sleepwonders will soon be available in THREE different versions to meet the needs of both professionals and parents who are interested in learning about sleep.


We believe everyone caring for babies and toddlers can greatly benefit from a comprehensive understanding of sleep. Each version of the course was designed specifically for its audience to encourage practical use of the material provided. When you understand sleep from a biological perspective, supporting healthy sleep becomes a joy instead of a dreaded task. Open your mind, free your fears, and get ready to learn everything you ever wanted to know about sleep!

Sleepwonders For Professionals

Professionals such as nannies, newborn care specialists, and doulas who want to learn more about sleep from conception to toddlerhood can access this course to discover how to solve or prevent sleep problems for the babies and children they care for, from a holistic perspective.

Sleepwonders for Consultants - Coming Back in 2022

Those interested in a career in holistic sleep consulting can add our Consulting Modules after they complete the Pro Course. This newly updated set of modules is a great place to learn about starting, growing, or perfecting a business.

Sleepwonders for Parents - Coming Soon

Parents who want to learn more about sleep from conception to toddlerhood can use this online education course to help prevent or solve their children's sleep problems from a holistic perspective.

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